Marty Cohen and the Sidekicks have just released their third CD,
No Grudges! (to listen to audio clips, click on the album cover)


   Marty Cohen and The Sidekicks

Check out their first two releases, too:


   Marty Cohen and The Sidekicks

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       1.   Rosemary Hills
       2.   Friends A-Passing
       3.   Something About You
       4.   Promised Land
       5.   When They Were Young
       6.   Fortune Cookie
       7.   River City Bound
       8.   Figure It Out
       9.   Give Back Some Time
       10. Young Lovers
       11. The More They Remember

Here's what people are saying about "As Yet Untold":
"Thank you all so much for the wonderful cd. 
We are enjoying a glass of wine and your amazing music! 
The songs, sound, photography......everything is superb!
You all did an amazing job on this cd! In the words of the fortune 
cookie, we too hope that "All your hard work will soon be paid off"! "

~ Dave and Cindy Arsenault, Cameron Park House Concerts
"Marty ... listened to your CD all the way out
and all the way back: BEAUTIFUL!!! 
You and Jeff and Ken and all the other musicians
who contributed have every reason
to feel so very proud of what you've accomplished."
~ Dale Dodson

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Debut CD:
album cover
Marty Cohen and The Sidekicks

< (To listen to audio clips,  click on the album cover)

         1.   Fallin' 
         2.   Come Back To Me 
         3.   High Noon 
         4.   Growing On Me 
         5.   You're the Only One 
         6.   Alan's Song 
         7.   All My Living Days 
         8.   Like A River 
         9.   Open Road 
         10. Take A Chance          
         11. Child Of Celebration

The band has had great reviews on their first CD!

from The Sacramento Bee Friday Ticket section (11/17/06):
"Cohen wrote all 11 songs; the arrangements were a group effort.
The sound ranges from slightly jazzy to a little bit country and folky
in the Tom Paxton vein. The lyrics are literate, personal, earnest
and delivered in a straightforward and confident voice.
The band's goal is "music that moves and lyrics that say something."

~ Jim Carnes, Bee staff writer

"Outstanding in every way!"
~ Marty DeAnda, CEO, DIG Music LLC
"Very well done ... a courageous and naked production ...
perfect to highlight great songwriting."
~ Alan Freedman, record producer
"Wow, your CD is terrific! ... The music, lyrics and arrangments
are excellent."
~ Mary H. Moltz
"It's beautifully sung, played and recorded." ~ Mark Stivers

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